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At Quincy University, we take your college experience seriously. We work with you to design a customized success plan, so you will graduate on time, find your passion and be
prepared for life.

It’s your journey. It’s your success. There are no limits. The faculty and staff at Quincy University are with you every step along the way.

Quincy University. Success By Design.

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The College Search Journey

Where and when to begin.

Juniors: Are you planning to attend college?

Stay on track with this helpful calendar that will guide you through all the steps!


  • Discuss the idea of college with your parents.
    • What schools do you want to check out?
    • What major(s) are you interested in?
    • What is your budget?
  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor to talk about college plans.
    • Know your class rank and GPA.
    • Sign up to take the PSAT at your high school.

*The results can give you an idea of the ACT/SAT score you may receive in the future.
*You can also be eligible for scholarships!


  • Consider how you will pay for college.
    • Start researching different types of scholarships, grants, and loan options.Attend Financial Aid workshops at your high school or local colleges.Fill out Net Price Calculators on college websites to see what aid you may receive when you file the FAFSA as a senior.
  • Make sure you are meeting special requirements for your choice schools.
    • Prepare and take the ACT/SAT. If you want to play Division I or II sports, send game tape or statistics to coaching staff.Start certification process with the NCAA.Stay involved with extracurricular activities and take on leadership roles.

*Colleges love to see your involvement in many different types of activities.


  • Narrow your search.
    • Attend college fairs to collect more information and ask specific questions about the colleges you are most interested in.
    • Meet with College Representatives at your high school.
    • Visit your list of colleges.

*Many institutions offer Spring visit events for you to tour the campuses. If you can’t make it, check out virtual tours on their websites!


  • Prepare for the application process.
    • Start working on essays and personal statements.
    • Check out Common App.
      • *You may find that the colleges you are interested in are all featured on Fill out one application that is sent to all of the schools!
    • Get advice from other college students.

Seniors: College Planning 101

Your senior year in high school is an exciting and busy time planning your future. Choosing a college is an important decision and you’ll want to find one that is the best match for you. Finding the best match isn’t about cost…it’s about the value you receive for the investment of your time and dollar. The search process can be quite overwhelming; however, if you plan it right, you can make informative decisions, without the pressure of time, to find the best college for you.


  • Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss your classes, college plans, and test scores.
  • Attend college fairs.
  • Register for October ACT.
  • Start your search for private scholarships.
  • Keep files for applications and correspondence from universities.


  • Submit applications and transcripts to your selected schools.
  • Ask the appropriate people to write letters of recommendation for you when required.
  • Register for December ACT.
  • Schedule refresher college campus visits.
  • Submit applications for early school admission.
  • Prepare and submit FAFSA and other financial aid forms as close to Oct. 1 as possible. FAFSA may be completed online at


  • Continue to work on college application requirements.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night Programs.
  • Continue your search for scholarships.
  • Examine your Student Aid Report when it comes in to verify the information.


  • Have official test scores sent to your college if you have not done so.
  • Remind teachers that recommendations are due soon.


  • Register for February ACT.


  • Register for April ACT.
  • Monitor your applications, responding quickly to any requests for additional documentation that may be necessary.
  • Complete any last-minute scholarships that are available.


  • Revisit your top choice schools.
  • Discuss any special financial situations that your family has with the Financial Aid Office of your chosen school.


  • Compare the financial aid offers you receive from each school.
  • Make a decision and send enrollment fee to Admissions Office.
  • Notify other schools that you will not attend.


  • Register for June ACT.
  • Register for advanced placement tests if necessary.
  • Take time to understand loans and the loan process.
  • Sign up for your school’s registration and advising programs.
  • Enjoy your graduation!


  • Make sure that final transcripts are sent to the school you plan to attend.
  • Call the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices to verify all information is complete and to find out your next steps.
  • Find out when your payments for tuition are due.
  • Submit your housing information.
  • Send immunization records.

New Scholarship!

You–and you alone–know the right direction for your life.

You are about to embark on one of the most important journeys you will ever make, choosing the right college. Your choice will be built around your strengths and talents. At Quincy University, we are committed to assisting you through your college search and believe visiting campus is the very best way to discover if QU is a good fit for you.

Get out there and absorb everything.

The Admissions Office is complimented by your interest and we are committed to supporting you throughout your college search in any way we can. In addition to our robust academic scholarship program, the University offers students an opportunity to qualify for the Discovery Scholarship, a renewable $500 per year award. To be considered for this opportunity, you must complete a campus visit that includes an interview discussing why Quincy University may be a good fit for your educational goals. Interviews must be completed by April 15, 2020. Award is contingent upon successful application and admission to QU. As always, contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus!

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