Before You Soar

The college search process can be a bit scary and overwhelming. When the time comes to make
your final college decision you might feel like you need just one more campus visit to solidify
your decision. On top of that, it would be so convenient to have to option to just pay your enrollment fee and register for classes during that final visit. If only life worked that seamlessly…

Well I am here to tell you that at Quincy University…IT IS!

On April 25th , QU is hosting Before You Soar which is an admitted student only day! The perks of this event are endless, but some prime ones include the opportunity to tour campus, talk to campus leaders and different departments, and try out the food in the cafeteria. When the program has ended, you will have the chance to pay your $200 enrollment fee and then stay the remainder of the day to attend a Hawk Preview Day. This event will give you the chance to register for classes and get your official student ID! This way you won’t have to travel back for another Hawk Preview Day in the summer. Trust us, we understand how stressful this college thing can be. Let us make it easier on you.

Register today. See you on April 25th!

–Lauren Mehaffy, M.S.E.
Admissions Counselor

How Scholarships at QU Work

One of the most common questions we’re asked in Admissions is “How do we make college
affordable?”. The first thing to look at is scholarships! At Quincy University, we award an academic scholarship to every student that is admitted. The scholarship is based on a combination of the GPA and the test score (either SAT or ACT). This renewable scholarship ranges all the way up to $25,000 per year. We encourage our applicants to submit their transcript and test scores so we can get this award to them right up front! The student is also eligible to increase this scholarship if they score higher on the ACT or SAT and submit this prior to June 1 st of their graduating year.

QU also has scholarship opportunities in the areas of music, art, and athletics. These scholarships will be determined directly between the department and the student, or the coaches and the student. Once an applicant is accepted, we can help connect them to the appropriate area where they can schedule an audition or submit a portfolio. It’s important for student-athletes to connect with the coaches of their sport, and submit any pertinent information or film.

We also encourage our students to look for potential outside scholarships. These can often
come from local civic organizations from an applicant’s hometown. Connecting with the high school college counselor can also provide some potential avenues. Sometimes it’s just a matter of searching the internet to see if there is anything available. Sites like, among others, provide a vast database of opportunities that may sync with a student’s interests or background. If an outside scholarship can be obtained, QU will stack this on top of any other university-based aid.

The cost associated with college can often be intimidating. We’re hopeful that our academic
scholarship offers can help alleviate some of these concerns. We strive to be quick and transparent with these offers to help students and families navigate the full financial breakdown. Once a student has been accepted, we’ll reach out and get the scholarship information to them as soon as possible!

–Dominic O’Donnell, M.A.
Associate Director of Freshmen Admission

Impressive Alumni

As Quincy University begins to celebrate its 160th year, you can imagine a lot of students have
walked through these halls and eventually ended up with a diploma. With an alumni network of roughly 13,000 and growing, QU graduates are everywhere. We have alumni represented in all 50 states, as well as some alumni living in 19 different countries all across the world! We also have alumni that you may have heard about or watched! One of the most notable is Father Augustus Tolton, who was the first African-American Catholic priest in 1886. John Mahoney, who is well known for his role in the TV show Frasier and Rick Hummel, a Hall of Fame Baseball writer and journalist. These are just a few of the many Quincy graduates who have gone on to make a huge impact in their respected fields!

–Brady White
Admissions Counsel

Top 10 Reasons to Attend QU

10) All-inclusive Tuition
Quincy University students now benefit from tuition rates without additional out-of-pocket textbook costs and the addition of QUEST Dollars to help with personal experiential learning, such as study abroad and professional development.

9) Merit-based Scholarships
Whether starting or continuing your college career, Quincy University wants to celebrate your dedication and hard work toward your education. We offer scholarships based on your academic excellence, and renewable upon your continued academic success at QU.

8) Athletics and Fine Arts
Some of the best experiences in High School came from engaging in a particular sport, playing an instrument, or performing in a play or musical. You can continue your passion for the playing field, the concert hall, or the stage at QU. Best part: you don’t have to choose one over the other. QU students benefit from coaches and faculty who work together to ensure students can balance practices and performances without having to choose between athletics and the arts.

7) On and Off-Campus Activities
You will NEVER be bored with over 30 campus clubs and organizations and daily on-campus events such as athletic games, movies on the lawn, academic symposiums, panel discussions, intramurals and much more. Quincy, IL also offers a wide selection of activities, ranging from the arts to athletics, and enjoying local shops and eateries along the way. AND it’s only a short car or city bus ride away from campus!

6) On-Campus Support
Juggling independence, a change in location, and top-notch curricula can become challenging. With QU’s Success Coaches and Counselors, you will receive the academic and emotional support you need to succeed. Success Coaches, housed in the J. Kenneth Nesbit Student Success Center, offer the tools to successfully grapple with time management and study skills while establishing connections with you in meetings and updates throughout the semester. The Counseling Center, located in Friars Hall, creates a confidential, inviting space for you to talk and build the necessary strategies to produce better emotional health.

5) Academic Support
Struggling with a class? Wanting to better connect with careers in your field of study? Looking for opportunities to contribute to your field of study? You may easily utilize the varied opportunities to excel and explore your major. The Student Success Center offers free tutoring throughout the week for students needing assistance with homework, wanting to improve their understanding of concepts, or wanting to expand their understanding to the next level. Faculty play a crucial role in supporting their students, holding weekly office hours, working one-to-one with students as they explore professional opportunities to grow and learn. Conferences, research, and graduate study are just a few avenues QU students pursue through the relationships they build with our faculty.

4) Welcoming Community
If you have visited campus by this point, you may have noticed smiling faces and warm handshakes while walking along the QU hallways. All are welcome at Quincy University! More than an open invitation, staff and faculty make the effort to get to know you and look for ways to help you through your journey. You have the space to become the person you want to be, knowing you are adding a diverse, necessary part to the campus community.

3) Franciscan Heritage
As our mission statement states, “we respect each person as a sister or brother with dignity, value, and worth.” The respect we feel and share with one another derives from our connection to Francis and Clare of Assisi. We work to foster peace and justice, reverence creation, and serve one another with the same dignity, value, and worth as ourselves.

2) Service
We welcome you to a wonderful community that values service to those in our backyard and around the world. During your time at Quincy University, you’ll have the opportunity to offer your time, your energy, and your compassion through a multitude of service initiatives. From mission trips, service days, and individual service experiences, you’ll learn firsthand the role service plays daily in shaping the person you are becoming, and the lives of those you serve.

1) Success By Design
At Quincy University, you will establish relationships in academic, residential, athletic, and extra-curricular avenues. Relationships and connections can establish an inviting community. When such relationships deliberately aim to foster student success, that is Success By Design. QU Students learn who they are and how to seek knowledge through the motivation, guidance, and planning in our latest initiative, Success By Design. From Day One, you will develop plans and goals with your advisor, residential leader, coach, and extra-curricular mentor. Your plans may change, and you may revise your goals during your time at QU. Success By Design ultimately enables a rich, varied college experience, and ensures you will not only graduate on-time, but continue to seek the understanding, contemplation, and service necessary to change the world.

–Justin R. Ray
Associate Director of Transfer Students

A House System for Your Success

Studies show that students who live on campus are more successful! Students are more likely to earn higher grade point averages, graduate earlier, and report overall higher quality of life. Living on campus provides you with the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships and to have a supportive, close-knit living community. Fall of 2020, Quincy University is starting a new “house system” for all undergraduate students. This includes every new student, transfer student,
and commuter student. QU will initially have seven houses, each named for a person who has a significance to QU’s history. Each house will have its own recreational and service activities, with competitions between houses. Faculty and staff members will be designated to support the individual houses. Quincy University president, Dr. McGee stated: “At QU, we want every experience on campus to be designed for student success, and we know a house system will create the right foundation for our students.” This house system will ensure that each student has a community of people who will help them succeed academically and will allow them to feel a sense of belonging.

We have 7 different resident halls on campus.
Garner Hall: Houses freshman women
Helein Hall: Houses freshman men
Willer Hall: Houses primarily sophomore and junior students – coeducational
Padua Hall: Houses sophomore through seniors – coeducational
Friars Hall: Houses upperclassman- coeducational
Woods Hall: Houses upperclassmen, apartment living, very similar to off-campus
housing- coeducational
Student Living Center: Houses upperclassmen and is an apartment-style setting-

–Paige Owsley
Admissions Counselor

What Can I Do On Campus?

Quincy University is home to more than 30 student clubs and organizations including Greek organizations, student media, service organizations, and music ensembles. Students always have an opportunity to join an organization that supports their academic needs and/or clubs where they can be even more social with their peers. Students are encouraged to join Greek Life, take leadership roles, get involved with Multicultural programs, and join Intramurals.    

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the main programing organization on campus. CAB is run by students for students, and the events are open to anyone, such as comedians, magicians, or inflatable games! If there is an organization a student is looking for, but QU doesn’t have it, students can start or renew an organization or club. It’s easy and straightforward! Students can contact the Student Success Center for details at (217) 228-5320. 

–Feven Girmay, M.S.E.
Admissions Counselor

These Hawks Fly Together–Athletics

Here at Quincy University, we have a very unique situation in regards to our Athletics programs.

With a student population of roughly 1,100 students, most people would think that Quincy University would compete in Division III or even NAIA. That is not the case! Quincy University competes in the Great Lakes Valley Conference in Division II! There are only a handful of universities around the Midwest that compete in Division II with that small of a student population.

We currently offer 21 different men’s and women’s athletic teams! We just added men’s and women’s Lacrosse as well as men’s and women’s Bowling. If you are a student looking to continue playing a sport in college, Quincy University is a great option. You will get that “small school vibe” in regards to class sizes and one-on-one time with professors, as well as competing at the DII level and in the highly competitive GLVC conference.

If what I just said interests you at all, please come set up a visit with us to check QU out! If you come to campus and have an official visit with our Admissions Office, you will automatically receive a $500 renewable scholarship from us. Who doesn’t love free money? You can also get in touch with a coach from your respective sport in our Athletic Department by visiting our Athletics webpage.

Go Hawks!!
–Brady White
Admissions Counselor

New Majors–Cyber Security and Business Analytics

Quincy University is excited to announce two new majors being added to our already impressive 40+ program listing – Cybersecurity and Business Analytics. Both will add to QU’s commitment to STEM opportunities for students. These majors already have strong demand today and are predicted to grow rapidly in the future.

Cybersecurity is a career focus in computer science. Thanks to a grant by the US Department of Education Title III-A Strengthening Institutions program, QU has constructed a dedicated Cybersecurity Computer Lab. Featured course topics include: Codes and Ciphers, Cryptology, Network Interconnection Technologies, and Fundamentals of Information Assurance.

Business Analytics harnesses the power of data and statistics to predict trends and improve results. Analytics can be applied to any business field. Featured course topics include: Analytics Communication and Management, Marketing Analysis, Risk Analytics, and Advanced Predictive Analysis Modeling.

I hope to see you on campus for a visit soon. Schedule a meeting with our faculty within these two programs to learn more about courses and career options. Go Hawks!

–Brittany Weise, M.A.
Director of Admissions


Okay y’all…let’s talk about what we all want to know about…SCHOLARSHIPS! At Quincy University, there is an abundance of scholarships available to students to make a quality education affordable. Here are a few awesome options that are offered from the start.

  1. Merit Scholarship
    All students accepted to Quincy University receive a scholarship automatically that is based on GPA and ACT scores. For transfer students, this amount is based on GPA and transfer credits. The scholarships are renewable as long as students maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  1. Discovery Scholarship
    In order to qualify for the Discovery Scholarship, you must make an official campus visit and sit down and talk to an admissions counselor. BOOM! $500 is yours and will stack right on top of your merit scholarship.
  1. Presidential Scholarship
    The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to five students a year that participate in the Presidential Scholarship Competition. To be invited, you must have a 3.4 GPA and 26 ACT. Students come to campus on competition day and have interviews with professors and a timed essay writing portion.
  1. Athletic Scholarships
    QU is Division II in athletics so students are able to receive athletic scholarships. This amount is decided on by the coach but it is still able to stack right on top of your merit scholarship.
  1. Music Virtuoso Scholarship
    The music department at QU hosts its own full-tuition scholarship competition that is music based. Students will come to campus and participate in an audition process, and scholarships will be awarded after. However, music also offers smaller scholarships as well.

As you can see, there are multiple avenues at Quincy University for a phenomenal scholarship opportunity. So, don’t delay and apply today to start learning about how much scholarship money you can receive!

–Lauren Mehaffy, M.S.
Admissions Counselor

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