New Times–New Changes to Support You

Now is the time for high school seniors to finalize their college plans. Many students would like to complete a campus visit before choosing the college that they will attend in the fall. Quincy University has created a virtual tour for students and their families to view right from their homes. This allows you to maintain social distancing guidelines while also getting a chance to see our campus! Check out the virtual tour here.

Not only do we have a virtual tour, we also offer virtual meetings with Admission Counselors and Financial Aid Counselors. These meetings allow you to learn all of the things that will make your experience at Quincy University unique, successful, and affordable!
Schedule a Virtual Visit Now

If students complete a virtual visit by August 1 st they will qualify for our $500 Discovery Scholarship. During our virtual visit we will discuss why Quincy University is a good fit for your educational goals. What’s better than learning more about your successful future at Quincy University while also earning a scholarship?!

Quincy University

During this time, QU is here for you! If you were unable to take or retake the ACT and/or the SAT due to the coronavirus, no worries. QU is now test optional and you can be accepted by completing a 500-word essay in lieu of a test score. Ask your Admissions Counselor for more details.

Due to the circumstances we understand that high school seniors are needing more time to make this huge decision for their future. So to adapt to the circumstances, we are being very flexible with our deadlines. Students can now submit an updated ACT or SAT score until August 1st , and we have pushed back our deadline for the enrollment fee. We recommend that students have their enrollment fee paid no later than June 1. However, we will accept the enrollment fee whenever you decide QU is the school for you! Pay Enrollment Fee Now.

Lastly, if you are experiencing any financial difficulty due to COVID-19, please be sure to reach out to your Admissions Counselor on how we can adjust your financial aid according to your circumstances. Quincy University is committed to helping prospective students and their families any way we can during this time of global uncertainty. We hope these actions eliminate some of the stress you are feeling about the college search process.

Our hearts go out to all of you high school seniors during this time. Just remember, you have a bright future ahead of you! Quincy University is here for you and we want to help you create a customized success plan to reach your educational goals! We hope you decide to join the QU family next fall and remember, it’s always a great day to be a Hawk!

–Paige Owsley
Admissions Counselor

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The Quincy University Office of Admissions is here to assist you through the entire college search and application journey.

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